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Hals ent., LLC is engaged in supplying of marine equipment: stud link and studless link chain, and their accessories; Stockless anchors, High Holding Power (HHP) anchors, Offshore anchors, Stock anchors, marine diesel engines and gensets, capstan and windlass, mooring, etc.)
We supply as to all regions of Russia so overseas.
Supply stud link chain, studless link chain   Supply accessories of anchor chain: join shackle Kenter, anchor shackle, end shackle, anchor swivel shackle   Supply windlass, capstans   Supply Anchors Hall, Spek, HHP Anchors: D`Hone, AC-14, POOL-TW, POOL-N; offshore anchors: Danforth, TEMCO, BRUCE SS, BRUCE TS, OFFDRILL, MOORFAST, STEVIN, DRAG CLASS A, SUPERIOR, BRUCE FFTS, STEVPRIS mk5, STEVPRIS mk6, STEVPRIS mk3, FLIPPER DELTA   Supply marine doors & windows   Supply marine diesel engines and gensets   Supply mooring, fenders

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